How to start an online business.

Building a business with wealthy affiliate

Getting started with an online business.

The internet has been a great tool for making money online, but like any business venture it has its risk and faults. Think of it like the ocean, loaded with tons of trash as well as buried treasures. It’s kind of like paddling a canoe through a school of sharks looking for the gold. If you avoid the sharks then building your online business will be easier. Getting a business started is simple if you have tools for the job. In some cases you can have a business up-and-running in a matter of minutes.


When starting your online business things can get a bit frustrating so you may not get excited except for the feeling of self accomplishment, “but” when your business begins to make money the real excitement begins. You can get a business started with three steps, but much work remains before you’ll see any profits from your business. Getting the foundation laid is the first step, so.


  1. Find a niche
  2. Build a website
  3. Become an Affiliate (What is affiliate marketing)?


With a niche and website the fun of organizing and building out the website begins. Nothing you do is set in concrete so if mistakes are made you can correct them at any time. So lets talk about the first item on our list called the niche.


So what is a “niche” and how does it work?

A niche is an idea, to build your business around. It can be a passion or a love for something you’ve wanted to do. The most successful websites have been built around a passion, reason being it makes your business fun. Your niche could be something you love to talk about, work with, or something you have a lot of knowledge in. This way you are less likely to get bored.


Understanding the online business community is a must in building a business so researching a few questions on where and what to begin with is crucial. The online business community is the best place to put your passion into action without going broke. Money can be made with any niche, but works best when you love what you’re doing.


Once you have decided on an idea, you need to get a website theme setup for the business.  Some people say you don’t need a website, but I believe otherwise, the website is your internet store to place your products so lets discuss the website.


Where do I find a website and how much will it cost?

Today you can find free websites everywhere but you need more than a free website to make money online. If you’re experienced with the internet or website themes, the free sites work well, but for the inexperienced, you may need to seek out one that includes help or is more user-friendly.


Most free sites come complete with products ready-to-go but your return benefit’s may be small from this type of site. To have complete control of the business, you need a domain name, your own website and web hosting. When you have these you control and decide what happens with your site, plus you reap the full benefits from the business.


To get a domain name go to places like 1 & 1, Go Daddy, Namecheap and many more. The average cost to retain your domain is between $10-15.00 per year and must be renewed yearly. Websites with a ” .com” ” .net” ” .org”  and so on rank better in the search engines and getting ranked on page one is the goal of most online business owners.


A good place to get started that offers great training for building a business is Wealthy Affiliate if you need help with anything to do with online business. They offer free memberships with two websites plus you get training courses to help get started.


Their training is concentrated entirely on helping you achieve complete success starting at zero and building to a full blown online business and you’re never obligated to join or purchase a thing. There is a paid side to wealthy affiliate but unlike other affiliate programs they offer the best hands on training you’ll find online.


My experience tells me Wealthy Affiliate is the best place for starting your own ground-level business where big money can be made. With no contractual obligation you’re free to leave any time if you choose.


Now that you have a niche and website, let’s find a product.

The internet is a multi billion-dollar industry and there’s thousands of companies with products to sell. Online business owners help promote their products for a cut of the profits. Because we want to make a profit we need products to advertise on our website. To promote products you must get permission from the company by becoming an affiliate.


There are a number of ways to become an affiliate, but some of the best ways are to sign up with other internet sites like linkShare, ShareAsale, Commission Junction, Amazon or even Clickbank. Run a search on Google or Bing for programs offering affiliate promotions, then sign up directly with the company. However, note this, you must be an approved affiliate with a company to collect commissions.


Now your business should be set up and ready for making money without ever spending a dime, unless you purchased a domain name. ( I suggest you get a grasp on the business then buy your domain ) Most people who fail at an online business are those who feel they know everything about the internet and don’t need help or they quit before getting started. To succeed and make money with an online business you must be willing to invest time and work or you may never be successful.

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