A summary of what you have accomplished from the last 9 lessons.

Lesson #10


A pattern for success



At this point you will have a website up and running, just continue adding content.

This lesson covers all the training you have accomplished in the last week or so. You have covered most all aspects of Internet marketing and now on your way to building an online business.

You have just touched on the many other training modules and benefits offered by the program. Yes you will be pointed in the direction of our premium membership but you are in no way obligated to join the premium side of the business.

Many WA members will join premium for a few months to get as much information they can handle then move their business to another hosting program.

One thing I’ve seen since being here. Most members who leave will return in time. As a member of Wealthy Affiliate you have access to the best training on Internet marketing in the world.

Try us for yourself it’s free, you’re never ask for money or credit cards and you’re never obligated by any contracts to join the premium. I believe you’ll love it when you give it a try.

Start now and get a warm welcome from the founders Kyle and Carson as well as myself. Test us and see, we’ll be there for your every step through this entire program.

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