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Installing a pinterest pin it button is done with plugins from your website. This is a relatively simple procedure and can be done in a few seconds.

Why is a pin important? It really is important for you to continue expanding your website and grow you online business, a pin is another way to help you promote your business to the world. When someone pins your business it gives your website another outlet to the internet.  Any free advertising that plugs your business is worth the time it takes to set it up.

After installing the pin button it will appear on your images where you choose so as others visit your website they can share your content with others on their pinterest account by clicking on the pin and adding it to pinterest.

I use jQuery Pin It Button For Images plugin but you can use any of the plugins available on your site.

Check out the video link for a more in depth look at how to install. .


Using pinterest to promote your website.

Pinterest is a great way to promote your business to make money. If you don’t have an account you should get one now for business or personal use.

Pinterest’s platform is the creation of boards where you set up categories of your interest. Each board can be linked back to your website so anyone visiting pinterest can visit your site if they choose.

Since pinterest is used by millions of members throughout the world it makes sense to be a part of this program and take advantage of it’s online presents.

Whatever you do online using penterest is a positive way to communicate and show off your business wares.

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