Getting started in the right direction with a niche.

Lesson #3

The niche of cooking

Getting started finding your niche.

A niche can be anything. The best niche for an online business is to start with something you like to do or have always wanted to do.

This will make building your business more enjoyable. This lesson introduces you to the meaning of a niche and gives you a few ideas for creating your future business.

If you find you are not happy with the niche you have chosen you can delete and change it at any time. Being in a position to change on demand makes this program great.



Are you a great cook? If so your niche could be cooking great meals for your family.

Building an online business discussing ways to prepare meals would be a great niche if you enjoy cooking and want to share your experience and recipes on ways to prepare the food we eat.

This lesson with a video discusses your niche for your business so don’t spend a lot of time worrying about it. Money can be made with any niche

Once you have a niche in mind the next lesson covers the difference between your own website or a free website, and will go through setting up your website.

You should have a website built before you finish this lesson.

Don’t want to wait any longer get started now


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