I hate my job!

Why so many people hate their jobs? When they love it at first.

So my question is?

Answer why do you want work here and will changing one bad job for another improve your life?

People dread going to work because it often seems they’re going nowhere in their present position or job and a waste of time. Witnessing unfair compensation practices on the job is another deterrent to job satisfaction and a source of frustration many people experience.


Many people face similar circumstances like this while working. We must come to the reality that a job must always be done. While some are exciting some are more difficult. but at the end of the day, it’s still what it will always be: a job.


Unpleasant jobs are needed to stimulate our country’s economy. If they didn’t exist, our finances would eventually fall apart because people wouldn’t have any means to take care of themselves or get access to the needed things in life. Society as we know it would be destroyed.


I’ve never been a big fan of encouraging people to resign or quit their jobs without some sort of backup income. It’s important to use wisdom and caution when deciding to leave your job because the job market is not as competitive as it used to be.


Mad man hating his job


Is it really the job or the person getting bored?

The jobs I’ve always hated were the ones that didn’t pay enough for all the work I had to do, which were dead-end jobs. As humans, we tend to dislike being forced to be in a location at a designated time and constantly have people dictate our actions for the day.


Most of us tend to resent superiors whom we feel are not fully qualified to supervise us because a lot of them actually are poorly qualified to fill those positions.


I love to work- I just don’t like being overwhelmed with work while I see others doing nothing. Seeing an imbalance like this will quickly make people become disloyal to their superiors. If you’ve had your share of jobs, you’ve probably ran into a boss who unevenly allocates jobs like this, too.


This is not to say that all supervisors and managers don’t belong in their positions. There are plenty that do, but it’s the ones that don’t that make us want to quit our jobs. Having a feeling of pulling the larger load ignited my passion to become an entrepreneur.


Pulling-the-load 600

Think and prepare yourself before quitting a job.

Sometimes, the solution to you hating your job is not necessarily to resign from it. That’s why it’s important to ponder over this decision to quit to make sure it’s the most logical and best solution for you. You need to ask yourself the questions, “Why did I want to do this type of job to begin with? Was it for monetary reasons, or was it because that was what I always thought I should be doing? Is quitting my job really the answer?”


No job is going to be 100% satisfying; so resigning doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll ever find one that is completely satisfying. Before you think about job hopping, you might want to consider the possibility that you may not be able to change your situation even if you do change jobs.


If you’ve pondered the idea of going into business for yourself, then you need to ask yourself, “ Do I have a realistic idea? Do I have the financial resources to start a business? Will my idea generate quick income?” If you are able to say yes to all of these questions, then you may be well on your way to being your own boss. If you can’t say yes to all of these questions, then you might want to reconsider quitting your job and look for another alternative.


Would you enjoy doing an internet business or otherwise using the internet to make money? If so, you can start out doing this as a part-time endeavor (while still keeping your job) to see if you have what it takes to make it work. All it takes is 60 minutes out of your day to establish your internet income.


Breaking the chains of a boring job


After much pondering and research, I decided to break the chains and try my hand at this Internet business.

At first, my lack of knowledge prevented me from pursuing my dream of making money online. I used to get correspondence on how people were able to make a lot of money per day off the internet, and I kept thinking, “That looks too hard for me to do.” At the time, it just didn’t seem logical that people could make money off the internet like that.


I found it hard to believe that someone could literally be in front of a computer and not do much to make over $1000 that day. No way. I was constantly hearing about how these people were making over $1000 a day from their internet businesses, and I started thinking there must be something to this. If it’s real, then I’m missing out.


So, I decided to take a chance and see if I could duplicate what they were doing by starting this online business. I started taking training seminars to teach me how to make this money-making program work. I found out in 2011 while taking a course with Wealthy Affiliate that making thousands of dollars online is a lot harder than it sounds.


The first year was hard because of all the training I had to do to master the program, but once I started getting a better understanding of the training, I soon found that it became easier to start making money. Right now, I’ve learned how to turn four websites into money-making machines.


I can’t guarantee you’ll make any money, but I’m a witness that there is a potential for making money off the internet. Not everyone may become wealthy, but some people will. With all the wealth of information out there about making money online, you have to realize that it’s not going to happen all in one day. It will take time; and yes – some people catch on faster than others.


If you don’t want to do an online business, you can still make money online by doing an online job. A lot of people like working at home and receiving weekly pay as opposed to commuting to work. You can also combine working from home with doing an online business endeavor. Try websites like Home jobstop because they tend to offer jobs in a variety of professions. With a low cost access fee, you will have the privilege of gaining access to authentic jobs that have been thoroughly proven to be legitimate.


I used to be a consultant for people doing business through craigslist, eBay, and similar businesses. It just goes to show that if you have the desire to learn the online market, you can do whatever you want and online marketing is a great way to fulfill your desire to make money online.