Door to Prosperity

Opening the door to prosperity?

Can change your life forever.

I believe everyone, regardless of where you live in the world, is born with an inner voice saying ” I want something more in life” or “there must be something more to life”.


People who hear this voice will do anything possible for a better life for themselves or their family. They seek a better education, take training programs or learn a trade to name a few.


Many opportunities in the US makes it possible for people to make good money and change their lifestyle, yet others scrap by. Why are some people filthy rich while others don’t have food to eat? It’s lack of interest in improving their living conditions by the poor but the majority of people with money earned it by taking advantage of opportunities around them.


As the internet explodes throughout the world money making opportunities available for everyone with an internet connection. The person willing to go farther than the rest is more likely to succeed and make life better for themselves. The internet gives that person the tools to make changes without a college degree or being a genius.


Today the internet has made it possible to take college courses, online training courses and many ways to earn extra money without leaving home.  Computers, phones or pads are doors that can be used to change our lives. With so much free information online there’s no excuse to be without.


When the door opens will you take advantage.  

So you’re not rich but want to make money by using the internet.  I can show how I did it but you will have to take steps to get there. It takes time, work and dedication to succeed at anything you do. I started by searching for ways to keep busy after retirement. I didn’t have anything in mind plus I was pretty dumb when it comes to internet anything. Being a former business owner I knew I could stay busy building a business online.


I started a website using a program called wealthy affiliate, it was free plus some training came with the websites. I got bombarded with emails to join the paid side of the business but I ignored them and kelp working on my free websites. These people were so gracious in helping with answers to questions and never pushed to buy in. As I finished a course and followed directions for building a website. I continued working on my website and decided to set up Google analytics as directed to track potential traffic.


I begin to see traffic come to my website and made a sell for 4 cents commissions which is nothing except it woke me to the fact that this thing just might make money. A few days later another sale brought in $4.00 commission so now I was getting excited, not for the money, but because of my being a dummy in this kind of business and now people were looking at what I had to offer.


It’s funny how this business works, you take an interest turn it into a business and make money. Since my beginning I have become a full fledged member of this program and built 8 websites that makes enough money to pay my membership fees and groceries for the month.


I worked for many years and put back money from my business so I don’t need this website to live on but people who don’t have money put away this is a great place to earn a good income. If I can do this anyone can if they put in the required time to be successful. Today I work a few hours a week on my websites and help others the rest of the week.


Wealthy Affiliate is a door to prosperity.

Wealthy Affiliate is just a door not a get rich program. This program is a way to point people in the direction of success but work is required to make it happen. Before I started here I tried other programs but they didn’t offer a lot of help and kelp pushing to get my money.


Would I recommend wealthy affiliate for your business building tool “Yes”. Would I pay to get started ” No” as I stated before I was looking for something to help me keep busy during winter months but found this thing really worked when I put some time into it. Can anyone do this, I say yes, if you can read and follow directions it’s simple.


This is a fantastic program to keep retired people busy and maybe make a few bucks in the process. It’s a great place to make friends across the world and if you have a background in internet marketing and like helping people this is a great program to do that.

 Start Here.

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