Is the wealthy affiliate a scam?

Lets first determine, What to look for in a scam.

A scam is anything or anyone trying to coax money, credit or personal information from an unsuspecting individual whether it be online, by mail or other means. The scam can be presented by promising great riches to you but requires some upfront money before you get those riches or you’re mailed a check to cash at your bank and send them a portion.


Other scams are done online by promising great riches if you buy into their program. This is accomplished by showing big houses, fancy cars and fake checks containing large numbers on their websites. Remember, anyone or anything wanting money or information from you before you get the end product may very well be a scam and you most definitely will lose if you buy into any of these.


As with any business or online program that requires money for you to be involved needs to be looked at very closely. I know when I was looking for ways to make money online I was skeptical of everything. I didn’t know anything about these programs, even though I read a lot of reviews, I didn’t know who wrote the reviews so I was in the same place I was when I started. At this point I still didn’t really trust anything I read.


trust new



Who do you trust, who do you believe?

This is a great question especially when you land on a website that sounds like the promise land. The site has images of houses worth millions, million dollar cars and all kinds of images showing large dollar amounts.


Can you duplicate this?


They say you can, if you are willing to trust them with your credit card. These people are called “GURUS” because they know how to convince you they’re telling the truth and that you, with absolutely no online experience, can do the same. They are counting on your inexperience to make their profit, but don’t feel bad because sometimes people with years of experience online fall for theses same scams.


When in doubt just go by the old saying ” If it looks to good to be true it probably isn’t ” this usually works well.

This brings back the question of whether the wealthy affiliate program is a scam?”


NO it isn’t.


You don’t know me, so all I can do is tell you a bit about my experience with this program. I joined the program in 2011, it cost $97.00 a month plus, I didn’t know anything about this kind of business so I was very reluctant at first. I didn’t know anything about scam programs but I did know the internet was loaded with people who weren’t honest, and for that reason it bothered me to give my credit card information.


I had a prepaid card with a hundred plus dollars, so I decided to use it knowing I wouldn’t lose a ton of money if this turned out to be a scam. After joining I got to know the owners and community. I learned so much from the training, but heart problems cut into my training, and I had to leave for a while.

Is this place a scam?

I say this place and the co owners offer one of the most upfront programs you’ll find online.The training is great and new training is always added with very detailed information. When I rejoined in 2012 I started with the free account ( which wasn’t available my first time around ) but now I’m a premium member. I have this website and 8 more promoting products that are starting to make money.


I could take my websites elsewhere and use cheaper hosting but I would lose out on a community of friends who’ve helped me so much with this business. I would miss out on new training as well as the pointers I get from the owners. Believe me, I have thought about leaving for something cheaper, but heck I can’t find a better place to build a business.


There’s so many people here but unlike other programs we help one another build a business. I don’t know everyone who joins this program but when they need help with the smallest item someone here will have an answer for them.


So my thoughts on wealthy affiliate is positive and I would have to argue for their legitimacy as the best training program you’ll find online. As a previous Metal Fabrication business owner I worked my rear off building it for more than 15 years and I must agree the online business is much easier to build and run with wealthy affiliates help.