Setting up your websites frame work


How to set up a website.

The basic layout of a website is the name of your site located in the header section, a home page and a blog page for posting articles. Your website is like a blank canvas instead of painting you fill it with pages and post.

This illustration is using the static page setup for the website. When using static front page you will always be directed to the front page when loading your website.

Before you can do anything on your website you need to get the framework set up which includes a home page and a blog post page. To do this you will need to go to the dashboard.

In your website dashboard click page and create a home page publish it then create another page called blog and publish it. On the left side click settings then reading. Select static page choose home as front page and blog as post page and save.

Dashboard for setting up the website framework.

Now create a menu for navigation. Left side click appearance then menu.

  • Click create menu
  • Name menu ( give it a name and save )
  • Click pages
  • Click home and blog boxes then
  • Click add to menu
  • Move home page to first position
  • Click save menu
  • View website.

At this point your website framework is set up and ready to add content to your pages and articles for posts. Next step would be adding an about me page, a privacy page and a contact page and if you want a disclaimer page.

All pages will need to be added to the menu and placed in the order you want them to show in the navigation bar at the top. When showing in the top navigation the order usually goes Home, Blog, About Me, Contact and Privacy

A post after being published will fall under your blog page while pages need to be placed in the menu you have chosen. To build out your website continue to write pages and post related to the niche you have chosen.

As you begin to get traffic you might want to ad some banner ads to your sidebar or somewhere in a page or post. You could make a few bucks a month by signing up for google ad sense and have ads placed by google code.

Menu located under appearanceSetting up the framework is the base for your business and adding to it will be a continuous process. Your website will start with a couple pages or post and end up with thousands of post, pages and ads.

Some post should link to pages and pages to post but ads will direct traffic away from your website to another.

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