Understanding how you make money online.

Lesson #2

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Understanding how to make money online.

This lesson covers the making money side of the business. The process of making money is outlined with a progressive chart on how the marketing system works.

There’s a few task involved to complete the lesson. Please understand these lessons are set up for the “non experienced Internet marketer” to point them to the path of making money from an Internet business.

This lesson covers your financial and non financial goals. These are processes needed to get started with our business. Goals are like a road map or GPS to get us to the place we want to go.
Man excited about making money online
People do get excited when it comes to making money online , but when your business fails to make money it can be depressing. To correct this could be as simple as changing the way you do business.

After this lesson we go to finding a niche. A niche could be a passion, a love, or lifelong dream of doing your own thing.

A passion based niche is best when building a business.

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