Wealthy Affiliate Complaints

Complaints or negative reviews about a program is a big turn off for future online business owners. So what complaints do people have with Wealthy Affiliate and how are they handled. Check out the response given by Kyle one of the co owners of Wealthy Affiliate. 

Laptop: Premium Follow Me 8 days ago

Kyle, what is your response to WA complaints? I’m just being cautious…


Kyle: Premium Ambassador  8 days ago

In 9.5 years, we have 3 BBB complaints, two of which were completely invalid. I have never seen a record of ANY company in the world that can match that.

As for the online complaints, out of over 100,000 positive reviews there are less than a handful of complaints and they are always the result of people getting cut off here within the community for spamming other members or for inappropriate behaviour (this is less than a handful of folks out of 230,000 in the last 2 years)…two things which we do not condone within WA. We are a helpful, friendly and promotion free community and we have no plans to change that.

What we don’t want to have happen is have one bad apple ruin the experience for many others. We are ethical and we run our community in that way and I think you will find this more than evident as you continue to immerse yourself into the community here.

By all means I appreciate you doing your due diligence. I would too, there is so many scams out there that it would be careless not to.

If you have any further questions moving forward, do let me know Mark. I am here to help.

Laptop: Premium Follow Me 9 days ago
Thanks, Kyle, for your rapid response and what seems to me to be complete transparency. I really do like the way there’s so much access to you, and honestly, I get a good feeling about this company. I look forward to working with the team.


Kyle: Premium Ambassador 8 days ago
Most definitely Mark, we are available and active here within WA every day. It is our baby and we are constantly improving and evolving WA and we have a large team dedicated to pushing the experience to be a better one with each day that passes.Congrats on going Premium as well, I really look forward to working with you moving forward. 😉