Wealthy Affiliate Review 2014

Wealthy Affiliate is the #1 Training Program available !!!

  • Name: Wealthy Affiliate
  • Website: Wealthy affiliate.com
  • Price: $0 Starter Membership (totally free)
  • Owners: Kyle & Carson
  • Overall Rank: 98 out of 100

wealthy affiliate shows you the right path

Wealthy Affiliate can set you on a straight path for success.

People search the internet daily for ways to make extra money only to be met with a multitude of options that more or less are decorated scams. These sites promise the participant will become rich, but not long after joining they realize the riches are not going to happen.

Because of the high potential of losing money while investing in affiliate programs, we are providing this review to gain insight on the success of the renown marketing program called Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate touts a reputation of being able to transform the most inexperienced entrepreneur into a viable online business owner.

They attribute their success to  promoting sound online marketing business principles instead of making promises of getting rich quick and being the only successful tool on the market. Regardless of your online marketing experience, the program is designed to get your business up and running.  All you have to do is just follow the simple step-by-step instructional Wealthy Affiliates training program and you will have a functioning business in 10 lessons!


When you look at the business community of  Wealthy Affiliate, you see people from a variety of cultural and career backgrounds. You will meet experienced marketing experts who can lend you their expertise in building an online business. Even owners Kyle and Carson participate in the community forum as a way of letting you know they are there every step of the way to help you be successful.

If you want to hang with the “Big Boys” in business, they will gladly show you a step-by-step  program to get the greatest benefits from your training.

wealthy affiliate Course benefits

Pros and cons of the Wealthy Affiliate Training Program unmatched by others:


  • Free Membership!
  • 2 Free Websites with top of the line hosting
  • Written and video training programs covering every aspect of internet marketing
  • Virtual classrooms for training sessions
  • Live chat support from owners (Kyle and Carson) and other members



  • Lots of strategies and tools to choose from
  • Getting really involved in wanting to make the business work.


A free program with a lot of options sounds suspect, but that’s exactly what these guys provide. They know what it takes to succeed, and that’s why anyone can make this program work. That’s a promise a lot of paid programs can’t make!

So what does Wealthy Affiliate offer that others don’t.

Wealthy Affiliate is big on providing thorough business training, providing a classroom environment where you learn how to create your own website, add content, and other steps to optimize your business. If you have questions, you can always use live chat to get help.

wealthy affiliate Chat room

24/7-365 community support….

One significant advantage of being a member of Wealthy Affiliate is the supportive environment.  Knowing someone will always be there to provide a helpful answer or guide you in the right direction makes you feel like you are among family. Never has a program offered such a strong network of personal support as this!

The owners want you to feel right at home while building your business. They are literally available everyday via chat or private message to take questions and personally mentor you. Although they are willing to intervene when asked, they will not annoy you about your current progress or pressure you to do anything.

That’s why I can comfortably say Wealthy Affiliate feels more like a community or network instead of a product. One reason so many have chosen Wealthy Affiliate for their training is whatever time you log on, someone will be there to discuss business with you.That means you will never have to feel like you’re on your own while building your business.



So what makes Wealthy Affiliates support great.

Just like you use Google or Bing to find answers to things, you will also need a source for locating answers and finding information when you’re building a business. That’s why Wealthy Affiliate offers a variety of ways to get needed help.Their networking community is available all day and everyday for:


  • Live Question & Answer
  • Interactive Discussions
  • Private 1-on-1 mentoring from Kyle or Carson
  • Live chat question and answer sessions


Regardless of which service you choose from the community, it’s nice to know you are not alone whenever you find yourself grappling in the dark about which direction you should go. You have the owners, myself, and the entire community of wealthy affiliate as an available resource to help you succeed. Make no mistake about it: the owners Kyle and Carson are dedicated to seeing that each affiliate succeeds on a daily basis because when you look good, they look good, too.



Do I have to be an expert to benefit from Wealthy Affiliate?

Virtually anyone desiring to know how to make money using the internet can benefit from this program. So, it doesn’t matter whether you are a college student, a stay at home parent, a brick and mortar business owner, or a poorly employed person. If you desire a portion of the multi-billion dollar internet market, here is where you begin.


The plethora of knowledge you gain about Internet marketing while training is all you need to succeed. As long as you have a desire to make money, you don’t have to be an internet specialist or a website designer to make this program work. Even if you have an online business, there is still something you can learn from Wealthy Affiliates business experts to improve your market.



What kind of Training & Tools can I expect from Wealthy Affiliate?

Your training experience will be based on product promotion or affiliate marketing and will evolve as you grow.  It will also integrate current marketing trends to keep its content relevant.

A few forms of the Training consists of:

  • Live, interactive webinars on Friday nights ( Totally awesome )
  • Live discussions in a virtual classroom environment
  • Post-training tasks with options to ask questions or comment
  • Recorded video training


Wealthy affiliate offers a wealth of training for promoting any product that is marketable. With comprehensive training modules based on sound Internet marketing principles, you can’t lose when it comes to generating substantial income through Wealthy Affiliate.


wealthy affiliate  Bootcamp modules



The wealthy affiliate business platform is an all-inclusive package which provides tools such as:


  • Access to the Keyword Tool ( where keywords can be researched for competition )
  • WordPress Express 3-click website builder
  • Keyword Lists ( a list of the most sought after keywords )
  • Top of the line web hosting for quick page load
  • A choice of over a thousand website themes and templates

So you’re ready to get going. “What will you be doing”?

If you’re someone without internet experience begin with the state of the art training to become knowledgeable about Internet marketing. If you own an internet business but not making money the training offers great pointers to become more successful.


You can follow the boot camp training to promote wealthy affiliate and make money by helping others. Whatever path you choose the training at wealthy affiliate can help you achieve success so.


  1. You either take your passion or niche and turn it into a full-time income making tool, or
  2. You can promote Wealthy Affiliate and make money if you can’t think of a product or service to promote.


Whatever you decide is entirely in your hands but you’ll find all the help you’ll ever need within the community of wealthy affiliate.


Ok I’m ready to get started how much money am I going to need?

To get a business up and running requires four things.


  • Access to guidance, encouragement and support
  • Your own website
  • Education with ongoing training
  • Persistent work


I can give you the first three for -0- cost but you must do the work..

At this time; The support, websites and training won’t cost you nothing, but if you’re like me you want to learn everything there is about making money online, so as a gift you’ll get full access for a full month for $19.00, that’s less than half price to absorb as much knowledge as possible, then $47.00 a month or $359.00 a year for premium.


With the free account you also get access to the intensive training program (chat, classrooms, modules, and business platform), which is a lot more resources and support than you could ever expect from most paid programs.

The Premium membership is unsurpassed in its wealth of resources. You get unlimited website building and hosting tools with no additional fees, and you get live, unlimited support at no additional costs to you.



When you start your free membership

You will be greeted by me within the first hour of joining, and you will get a nice welcome from Kyle or Carson.


Complete the easy set-up of your account and allow the community to get acquainted with you and welcome you to WA as well. If it’s not what I say it is, you can always let me know. One thing you will learn about WA is that you’re never alone, and  you will always have a strong community of support to help with whatever you encounter. Join Wealthy Affiliate and discover one of the best kept secrets in Internet marketing that you’ve been missing all these years.

  • Name: Wealthy Affiliate
  • Website: Wealthy Affiliate.com
  • Owners: Kyle & Carson
  • My Overall Ranking:  98 out of 100 points

Is this program for real You Bet!



Any questions you have about wealthy affiliate or feedback on this review please leave a comment below or you can contact me personally.