What is The Wealthy Affiliate?

the wealthy affiliate university teaches success

Is the Wealthy Affiliate a scam?

What is The Wealthy Affiliate for, and what will it do for me, are two questions asked most.

  • The wealthy affiliate is internet marketing training.
  • They’ve been around since 2005
  • Courses are of the highest quality.
  • A proven program providing up to date training.
  • Training will benefit both the beginner and current business owners.

False claims and false promises are not a part of The Wealthy Affiliate program. Their goal is to help you as a member become successful in internet marketing. To accomplish their goals of assuring your success you must be willing to work and follow the training set forth.

The wealthy affiliate members who build profitable internet businesses succeed by dedication and work. They pay attention to other members and follow their successes.

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As a member of the Wealthy Affiliate you’ll accomplish much more than you will going it alone. The Wealthy Affiliate members have access to some of the greatest experts in the business. Information you receive from the wealthy affiliate is by far superior to any other program online.


Some new members to the wealthy affiliate become over whelmed with the training. This is where the wealthy affiliate community steps up with support to get them pass the difficulties. The ability to communicate with like minded people makes your business journey much more enjoyable. The wealthy affiliate community gives new members an advantage over programs without the same legitimacy of this program.


Since credit cards are not required, the wealthy affiliate is the easiest way for beginners to start and build an online business. Websites, hosting and training come with each new membership.

Is there really a difference in online training?

You bet! The biggest difference between the wealthy affiliate and other programs comes through the type of training courses plus top notch support from a community of wealthy affiliate members. The wealthy affiliate program is one of the few places, if not the only place, where the owners get involved daily in chat answering questions and helping the members.


If for any reason you aren’t satisfied with answers you get from the community ask the owners Kyle or Carson by message or via the chat. In most cases you’ll receive an answer within minutes from the community.


wealthy affiliate Co founders Kyle and Carson


The wealthy affiliate operates under the motto of “Try it before You buy it” and “Pay it Forward”. This ensures new members a way to try the program before spending money. As members complete the courses many become experts. When they do they are asked to pay it forward by helping others become successful as well.


The activity dashboard is a busy place 24 hours 7 days a week. Conversations on business building, success stories, questions asked and answered every day. Any support you need for business building can be found here. You’ll find members who are excited about their business and tell stories of making money within a few months of becoming a member.


wealthy affiliate Chat room


Newbies to internet business make statements like.

“I don’t know anything about the Internet so how can wealthy affiliate help me?”.

It’s common place for people to be afraid of anything new, it may sound to difficult for some, while others have a hard time with trust, especially when it’s anything internet.

The wealthy affiliate try before you buy program is all about internet marketing and only requires your name a username and email address to get started.

Upon finishing the wealthy affiliate training you’ll have a good understanding of Internet marketing as well as a viable website up and running, that’s why they call it ” The Wealthy Affiliate University” where you learn and build as you proceed through the program.


Work ethic’s and desire for success is the key for making money with a website. Some wealthy affiliate members are making money within a few weeks of starting the training while others take longer but that’s ok. Your success and how quickly you make money depends on the approach you take and your work ethic.


Members taking advantage of the wealthy affiliates training have made hundreds of dollars a day in a short period of time still others have made tens of thousands per month.


wealthy affiliate members First 400 dollar day


So how will you benefit from the Wealthy Affiliates free membership.

The free starter account is just as it claims to be. Ten lessons on affiliate marketing, two websites, hosting and 7 day support from a community of thousands. After 7 days you will lose communications with other members but training, websites and hosting is yours to keep.

The free Siterubix website domains don’t belong to you but the business you build does. Their purpose is for learning to build an internet marketing business. As a wealthy affiliate member you can continue with the free account, become a premium member or move your business to another host.


The wealthy affiliates starter account websites can be used to promote products or blogging.  It’s for new members to get acquainted with affiliate marketing and the techniques used in the wealthy affiliate courses.


Seeing yourself as a successful online business owner is the first step in making it happen. A free starter account will help you accomplish just that. If you answer yes to any of the following questions online business ownership may be the answer if you.

  • Have an interest in Internet marketing?
  • Would prefer working from home?
  • Like helping others succeed?
  • Dream of owning a business.
  • Have wanted to start a business but can’t afford it.

Yes answers to any of the above questions makes you a prime candidate for creating an online business. It places you in the same category of every wealthy affiliate member with the same dreams.


I will say the wealthy affiliate “will not make you rich” but make available techniques you’ll need to become rich. They do this with proven methods within the training courses.