How to find best keywords.


Great keywords are the bloodline of your online business.

Keywords are essential for success with an online business. A great keyword placed in the right position in your page or post will attract visitors when that keyword is typed into a search window.

A great lesson learned is for traffic to be more than fifty and pages be less than three hundred when searching for keywords.. A keyword found with these results will work great in getting a page ranked high on search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Keywords are used by search engines to locate a page or post on websites when it is typed into the search bar. For this reason a good keyword is worth big bucks to the business owner.

Any time someone searches for something online they will type a word or phrase into the search bar. When the words searched for matches keywords on your website it loads titles or sentences relating to the words searched for.

When your website is ranked on the first or second page of a search engine, the person doing the search is more likely to click on your site if your keyword grabs their attention.

Google search on how to make money online

A great keyword could get your website ranked on the first page and if so people looking for ( How to make money ) are likely to click on your site for this information and should your website offer a solution it’s possible a sale could be made.

The placement and number of keywords on a page or post is crucial for page rankings in the search engines. The title and first paragraph is the best place for main keywords then let them fall where they will in the rest of the page or post when writing.

With great keywords and their placement your website could get ranked on the first page of the search engines, therefore attracting more visitors to your website. The illustration below shows the number of results and the number one ranked site for this keyword.

How to make money google search


Good keywords and content is the most important part of creating a website because a website is just a website without traffic. Keyword tools are available online for your use like Google or more advanced searches they can be purchased with memberships.


Make keywords work for your business.

You can find good keywords by chance when using the name of a product, but you won’t know how they stack up against others that may be more beneficial to your niche. That’s where a good keyword tool comes in handy

Keyword tools are essential for finding the right keyword for your website and their placement is another key aspect of getting great traffic to your site.

Check out one of the best keyword tools online. It does cost to use but the benefits from your searches will greatly out weight the cost.

Try it for free and see for yourself before making a decision. You get 30 free searches with a free account without obligation of any kind.

This keyword tool really works?

Give Jaaxy a try.

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